Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh Baby Mine! Special bonus video.

Bonus first, because it's chronological. This is me and my gurlz at my daughter's baby shower, singing, appropriately enough, "Oh Baby Mine." It goes on a bit long because I couldn't remember how it was supposed to end. But it's worth it to wait for the mom-to-be's "Baby mine..." right before the end. (She's singing baritone. And I'm singing bass.)

And hey!!! It's been almost a month since I posted anything. I can't believe it. But I've been busy. Start of the concert season--and precious Baby Jack had his precious christening last Sunday evening! Omigod, it took me days to fully recover, it was so precious. Here's a bunch of pictures:

Of course they made THE GRANDMOTHERS put him in his christening dress, and boy was he mad. He wouldn't unbend his arms, and trying to get them through the sleeves made me think we were going to be there til midnight. Irish handkerchief linen is not stretch material. (BTW I'm in a choir robe because most of us were singing in the choir for the Evensong beforehand, and because I was doing wardrobe, I didn't have time to take it off. And I was wearing my sexy black suit, too...)

With godmother

With Daddy

He looks like something off the ceiling of an old Italian church in this one. Except not so naked...