Thursday, September 11, 2008

Building Surrounded by Newspeople this A.M.

Well, it's 9/11, and I wish I'd remembered before I traipsed off to work. I usually meander in about 10:30 or so, later today because I was trying to fix the toilet, so I was able to get into the building by going around to the Broadway entrance. Some were complaining that at 9:00 a.m. they couldn't get in at all. (I should explain I work in One Liberty Plaza across from WTC.) I guess Obama and McCain were around there somewhere, but I was feeling too irritable to gawk.

One of the attorneys I work for (in my day job) refuses to come to work on 9/11. Now that I think of it, I do think it should be a national holiday. I mean not a holiday but a day off.

So I consoled myself by drawing another picture. Love to all.

UPDATE: Wow, this cartoon got Editor's Pick on today!!! And another site asked if they could post my work! Yay! I love making people happy.

UPDATE 2: This cartoon was ALSO picked up by TheZoo! Check it out! TheZoo


POD said...

Very talented! I love it.

Jenn said...

LOL. I love it.

Melissa said...

Sorry, I'm suddenly finding it really strange that I have hardly drawn at all over the last ten years. ????

What was I thinking???

tokaiangel said...

What WERE you thinking indeed!

I like this because it's true. Piggy IS out there somewhere, fuming!

TA x

Melissa said...

You gotta be right, tokia! I wish (I'd thought to put a little fuming squiggly line over her head...)

Melissa said...

Sorry, I mean toKAI

Ann Claire said...

I had a moment like that too mommy. Why haven't I been singing!!??!! Went to a folk/roots show in brooklyn and was like... why haven't i been doing this the past 10 years!!

This one is great. The expressions on both of them are priceless!

Melissa said...

OMIGOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!! I'M ON THE ZOO!!!!!! It's a really big league site--check it out!!!!!!! I'm so excited! (Can you tell??)