Friday, September 19, 2008

Goal 9 - Attend The Daily Show

Melissa waiting in line at The Daily Show

Us old people have to sit down. You have to wait in line for two hours.

So ScottieDog and I went last night, and we saw Tony Blair!! We saw Tony Blair sweat!! Jon Stewart is just beautiful. He was merciless with Blair, though funny. After the end of the taping, he was asking us if he had been too much of a dickhead (his word), and we said "no." Blair is really likeable and such a gentleman, so we cheered him anyway, even though he wasn't giving up much.

We were too tired last night to watch it (be warned that it's quite an ordeal to go through a taping--you have to participate! And it's LOUD!!) but we definitely want to catch the early rerun tonight so we can see it up close. We did have big monitors to look at, but who wants to look at TV when Tony Blair is sitting right there in front of you? (And JS?)

John Oliver had an annoying bit at the beginning--I wanted to hear Jon Stewart, and Oliver was just muscling in being a jerk. Then the Blair interview went way long, so they taped the beginning of the show again without the Oliver bit. Don't know which one they'll use.

ScottieDog asked the best question! (Jon likes to have a Q&A as warm-up.) He asked what date Sarah Palin would be on. Heh heh. JS of course said in a very gentlemanly way that she had been invited and would be welcome any time, though the Palin group had not RSVP'd. Of course.

Here's ScottieDog waiting in line with some light reading.

And below, some other very nice people with light reading! (ScottieDog went around being photographer and interviewer.)

These nice ladies are Margaret Ikeda (The Rest Is Noise) and Jenika Gallon (In Defense of Globalization).

And these nice ladies are Karin Wagner (I think she's the one with Food Matters), Charlotte Gill, and a friend. I'm not sure who is who!

It is duly noted that ScottieDog only interviewed

The thing I like about the one of the hot dog vendors is the banners of JS hovering over them. And I love the one with the heavenly rays descending!

Cheers to all! (Surgery in five days--:-P)


POD said...

That was a great, great report. I am so glad you got to go. Funny about SD interviewing just the ladies though. Ain't that the way things go at times?
Tony Blair was a such a suck up to Bush - deluded like the others. Didn't JS get on his case about it? Ugh.

I have email for you when you are down from the 'high' of the show. Must have been great fun and another goal off the list.
Thanks for sharing. I am envious.

Leah J. Utas said...

That sounds like an absolute hoot.
Good for you.

mucklet said...

Sounds to me like John Oliver was doing his job. You make it seem like being onstage and talking isn't what he is paid for.

Sbanfnyc said...
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Melissa said...

Mucklet: You're so right! I love John Oliver! I didn't mean to sound so snarky about him. It's just that we were on tenterhooks waiting for Jon Stewart, and then Oliver totally elbowed in and ruled for five minutes without letting him get a word in edgewise. It was IN THE SCRIPT but it was effing annoying. After waiting outside on a not very fragrant sidewalk for two hours. Not even that good a bit, if you ask me. It may be on the Comedy Central video, JS said at the end of the taping.

the Bag Lady said...

Well, I finally got back here again (I've been so freakin' busy!!) and have been trying to get caught up on your posts....

Wow, you are one talented gal!
Your artwork is amazing. Love the cartoons you've been doing!

I have to confess, I don't watch TV much, and have never watched the Daily Show, but it sounds like you had a great time, in spite of waiting in line for 2 hours.

Emily said...

That is so awesome!! I think Jon Stewart is hilarious. Have you been to the taping of other shows? Sadly nothing worth watching is filmed in Georgia so I've never had such an opportunity. I guess I could drive to Savannah and see Paula Dean's cooking show being taped- um, no thanks!

MizFit said...


Id love to do that as well.


AnnClaire said...

I couldn't think of a question to ask Jon when I went. So good for Scott.

Penelope said...


There are three shows I'd like to see live:

1. The Daily Show
2. Late Night with David Letterman
3. Saturday Night Live

All of which are, of course, New York shows.

BTW: I saw that show-- it was pretty good.

Go 'Stros

Karen said...

How awesome - so jealous.
I would also say the Daily show and SNL would be my show pics to attend.

Melissa said...

I accidentally deleted ScottieDog's comment in his own defense:

(Sbanfnyc said...
I scanned the crowed very carefully and took pics of only folks in line reading "any" kind of book or wearing a T shirt stating "John Stewart for President". They happened to be all women. The men seemed to be focused on chatting up the girls they were with. Those were not worth a pic. I was very pleased to find women, the ones taking an interest in finding the "truth", heartwarming. Women frequently reaffirm my hope for the future of humanity.


September 19, 2008 10:03 PM