Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Goal 54 Done!!! (Whew)

So if you voted DENTIST, you win. Gosh I should have had something to give away to the winners--I supposed there's always the contents of my goodie bag.

I meant to take a picture of some kind, but I was so wigged out I forgot.

When I first asked the assistant about the gas, she said she didn't think I'd need it, they would be very careful not to hurt me at all, so I started to cry. Little do they know. I mean it's not really the pain that does it. The nice dentist (I really like him better than my last one even) took one tiny poke at a tooth with that metal pick and I let out a shriek--

So I ended up gassed into oblivion as always. Had to pay $100 out of pocket for it, too. Insurance doesn't cover weenies. There is NO WAY I could have had that cleaning without benefit of drugs. Maybe next time! And yes, I DO have another appointment already made for my next checkup in March.

I also left with a new Water Pik which they said would help me when I have my hand surgery. No way I'm going to be able to floss!

I know Andy over at Bloginyourface has a thing about dentists too. Anybody else??


MizFit said...

insurance doesnt cover weenies (GIGGLE)

but you went!


*cue confetti shaped like molars*

Emily said...

Is the dentist that bad? LOL. My husband has the WORST teeth. Lucky for me he doesn't mind the dentist. If he did, he'd probably have lost all his teeth by the ripe old age of 26!!

Melissa said...

I'm quite sure most people don't find a visit to the dentist bad, but I start crying when I walk in the place. Childhood trauma...

Melissa said...

AND I have pretty good teeth, thank God. I didn't have any issues at all, except cleaning. After lo these three years of stalling, or however many it's been.

POD said...

Congratulations. I knew you could do it.
And it was my vote too.

Nitmos said...

When it comes to the dentist, I take everything they can give me. I don't want to feel a thing. Oh, and I slam a 40 of malt liquor before I arrive as well.

POD said...

okay, here's another one:


Ann Claire said...

I didn't know you were so scared of the dentist. I remember my first trip... i remember WAILING and screaming. But now a days i don't mind... unless im getting a cavity filled or something.