Thursday, July 31, 2008

Off and Running!

I did it. I came up with 101 things I want to do. This is the list, and I reserve the right to revise it at any time. I have it organized according to category, and I'm amazed at how many goals refer to "Household." I have a theory about this; more later.

TARGET DATE: 4/30/2011

UPDATE: Goals currently underway are in red. Goals accomplished are in green!

(Also Goal 19 got moved down the page to Personal, in case you wondered.)

1 Finish Housatonic River picture
2 Draw 10 pictures 6 down, 4 to go!
3 Paint 5 pictures
4 Buy three pictures

5 See the Nutcracker
6 Attend an opera at the Met
7 Visit the Cloisters
8 Go to the Bronx Zoo
9 Attend the Daily Show
10 Attend a Broadway play
11 Visit Boston
12 Go to the shore
13 Go overseas on a trip
55 Visit MOMA

14 Complete home inventory
15 Calculate net worth
16 Get rid of credit card debt
17 Save an additional 1 months expenses

18 Reupholster something
20 Get Roomba issue resolved
21 Dispose of all old electronic equipment responsibly
22 Clean out underneath bathroom sink
23 Clean out underneath kitchen sink

24 Catalog books
25 Catalog recordings
26 Clean out coat closet
27 Clean out middle closet
28 Clean out linen closet
29 Clean out foyer closet
30 Maximize experience
31 Get all papers filed
32 Make a scrapbook of keepsakes
33 Get rid of excess furniture
34 Get apartment painted

35 Find a "home" for everything in the house
36 Reorganize and rehang all the pictures
37 Get tugboat picture framed
38 Get Sylvia's St. Paul ink drawing framed
39 Purge book collection
40 Purge CD collection
41 Purge cassette tapes
42 Organize sewing area and supplies
43 Get crystal/china/silver appraised
44 Sort out and maximize electronic hookups for greenest outcome

45 Weigh ≤ 130
46 Walk across the GWB and back
47 Go one week drinking ≤ 2 glasses of wine a day
48 Go one month drinking ≤ 2 glasses of wine a day
49 Take Pilates classes
50 Try pomegranate juice
51 Try green tea

52 Walk home from the Library every work day for a week Get off at the Library bus stop instead of at home (habit)
53 Walk to and from the Bridge Plaza to work every day for one week
54 Go to the dentist
56 Exercise three times a week
57 Get right hand back into shape

58 Get Mac G3 hard drive transferred
59 Write a blog
60 Replace work pictures with new ones
61 Read all the books on my reading list
62 Fix up blog site (redecorate)
63 Swim in the pool every summer
64 Get up at 6:30 on workdays (habit)
65 Make Christmas presents for each immediate family member

66 Do a 30 minute show at Sunrise
67 Get someone else to perform for Sunrise
68 Write 5 songs
69 Write 3 anthems
70 Write 10 descants
71 Write a congregational mass setting
72 Compile SILC descant book
73 Write 5 responsorial psalms
74 Listen to a CD every week
75 Buy 10 new recordings (not counting my own)
76 Return borrowed music

19 Sew 6 outfits
77 Organize wardrobe
78 Go clothes shopping with someone knowledgeable and come back with at least two good outfits

79 Drive out into the country on a clear night and look at the stars
80 Develop 5 virtuous habits
81 Get rid of one bad habit (not otherwise covered)
82 Eat at dining table at least once a week
83 Visit family in KY three times
84 Write 10 snail mail letters (not business related or thank-yous)
85 Have a date with Scott once a month
86 Throw a big party
87 Develop meditation habit
88 Talk to 20 people in KY on the phone not counting immediate family or business
89 Have a one-week computer blackout

90 Compile Young Singers' Classical Edition
91 Have a student recital
92 Get 5 new students
93 Compile vocal sample CD
94 Give a voice recital
95 Catalog music
96 Practice 5 times in one week
97 Practice 5 times a week for two weeks
98 Practice 5 times a week for one month
99 Make a new concert outfit
100 Go on six auditions
101 Send five resume packages


carla said...

I was similarly tagged and got to number 10 and was overwhelmed.

resisting. urge. to. steal. yer. list.


loved reading it----hope it was as fun to create!


Melissa said...

Hi Carla!

You are so welcome to steal any and all of it. I stole some from Trent at the Simple Dollar.

I highly recommend it as an exercise! (Mental exercise) It does rather focus the mind!


Sbanfnyc said...

I love being "in" some of the goals. Keep working on them as hard as you can. I'm such a selfish boy.


Sylvia said...

You need to add one: find mystery novel and give to daughter to read...

LaZaphod said...

I wish I had read your list while you were staying with us in Ky. I drink 3-4 glasses of green tea everyday!Do it up and go to Chinatown for your first cup of G- tea.