Monday, October 20, 2008

Goal 57 - Get Right Hand Back into Shape (groan)

Sorry to be such a slacker here lately. Times have been rough!

This is my hand right before the surgery. Note the way the pinkie is definitely oriented toward the west. If that's not an oxymoron.

This is my right hand today. (Not very clear, sorry.) You can sort of see that the pinkie is now "facing" up, looking at the nail, however the swelling is pretty bad and is pushing the finger out away from the hand. I sure hope that goes down soon. I wish I'd taken a photo a week or so ago, because it looked so much better!!

I had kind of a bad week because, as I think you can see in the photo, there's some kind of reaction going on, and the site of the surgery is getting very red and swollen. It doesn't look like infection, though the doctor put me on antibiotics--it looks more like an allergic reaction. She shot me full of cortisone right in the hand, and it hurt like a ************. I sure hope nobody ever does that again. There is some concern that the reaction is from the titanium that's holding the finger together. (aarrgghh)

The doctor said I had to suspend hand therapy until this resolves.

So things are kind of....meh.... And I'm getting absolutely nothing done.

[WILL Melissa pull herself together this coming week??? WILL the right hand simmer down and act right??? Check back for the thrilling conclusion!!!!]


Anonymous said...

You're not supposed to be getting things done. You're supposed to be healing! Which is obviously quite a job. I wish you luck with it.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

MizFit said...

mary anne nailed it :)

I kn ow Id be as you are as well...dont be me.


Emily said...

oh wow! I'm sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time recovering. I hope things start to look up for you : )

POD said...

Allergic to the titanium. ugh.

Try looking forward to optimum health. Make it some sort of mantra.
Keep going forward, you will get thru this.
(for what that is worth)
(remember I had a lot of people telling me cheesy things during chemo...)

Sbanfnyc said...

You all are great!

I keep thinking that if I just say "heal" over and over, the reaction will stop. I mean, I thought titanium was supposed to be non-reactive or something. This is such a kick in the head.

But not chemo! I have to keep that in mind.

I am very much looking forward to what the Dr. says tomorrow...I'll post. Thanks for listening!!!!!!

Melissa said...

(Oops, Scottiedog and I keep getting confused about our accounts. That was my comment above.)

Sbanfnyc said...

I pray for you every day. I sure love you.

carla said...

how you feeling now?

Melissa said...

Hey Mary Anne, Carla, Emily & Pod, thanks for your supportive comments! I promise I'm doing my best!

AnnClaire said...

mommy you and i can't have anything but gold in our bodies. I had a reaction to a surgical steel belly ring ... if its not gold... our body doesn't want it :-(

Melissa said...

Oog AC. I hope you're wrong. HEY wait, the pins I had last time were stainless steel and they didn't present any problem. Except that they SUCKED and turned my finger the wrong way round.

MsJoanne said...

I miss your cartoons so much. I hope with all my heart you have the speediest recovery possible. All of us miss you terribly.

Please, please take care of yourself!!!!