Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FatBet Revisited

Golly, life is just going on to such an extent around here that I hardly have time to blog. I took a day off today so I could practice and run errands and generally get my breath.

I'm kind of way ahead in the FatBet!!! AND we were advised by non-idiot people decided to extend the deadline to a reasonable date. We three matronly types would have had to go on a some kind of dangerous fast or liquid diet to lose 10 pounds in five weeks. So the new deadline is May 6th.

This is our weekly average graph:

The reason I'm way ahead is that I switched to low-carb. (Look at the dramatic rise in the blue line at the two-week point where I did that.) It's just so much easier. No obsessing, math and/or diarying, just eating.

I am a little worried about one thing, which is many people who lose weight on low-carb diets find that they gain it back quickly when they reach their goal. Does anyone have any ideas for how to avoid this? Obviously getting my exercise act together is helping and will continue to help. I even thought that on reaching my goal weight, I would revert to Weight Watchers maintenance plan or something.

So now I weigh 135.8--not too far from my Goal 45 - Weigh 130 or less!!!


POD said...

Are you eating tons of bacon and mayo and meat and eggs?

How tall are you? 135 lbs sounds like the weight of my right arm. I am 5'9" tall so I can carry some weight (but not a 135 lb arm but I'm just kidding about my arm weighing that much though it probably weighed that much a few years ago.

My concern with low carb is it's not a normal way to eat so you lose weight on it, go back to normal (after you win your money!) and gain the weight back. Or not.

I'm on a diet right now to drop 10 lbs quick to see if the knee pain is alleviated and I have NO intentions of gaining anything back so maybe setting those intentions is a big part of it...bigger than my right arm.

Oh, I'll ask Chris for some good, wondrous balsamic vinegar -- good idea.

Melissa said...

Hey POD, I'm not necessarily eating that much more meat and eggs, etc., just cutting out most of the carbs. I'm trying not to be too severe about it.

I'm only 5'5", so 135 is not too bad, but I'd sure like to look better naked.

POD said...

My right arm would like to look better naked too.

Sbanfnyc said...

As you well know I will support you in any goal you set for yourself. I am in your corner always. Just let me know what you need and I will try my best to support you.

Don't eat what I eat or you will be toast. and not whole grain.