Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flora and Fauna

My friends The Bag Lady and Mary Anne from Kentucky are always posting nice pictures of plants and animals and sunrises, etc. I thought I'd see what I could do....

I pass these pansies on my way to/from the bus stop. They really are electric purple.

The wisteria is right smack in the middle of beautiful downtown Fort Lee. The house used to be a nice little florist's shop, but now it's a hair salon. It's not so electric purple, but it's my favorite. I adore wisteria!

And this is the view from my balcony! If I were taking the picture to the south (to the right in the picture), you'd see Manhattan and the Empire State Building and all that. (Well technically that is Upper Manhattan just beyond the high rises, and the hills beyond that are Queens.) But I was taking this because of the rainbow over to the east.

And aren't ScottieDog's window boxes nice! He says the tree tops out there are our "lawn."

The fauna specimen in the far distance is my neighbor. He's Russian! Not a cute little newborn calf or anything, but still.


the Bag Lady said...

Way Cool!! I love the look of wisteria (it doesn't grow here, unfortunately). And the pansies are gorgeous. But your view is incredible!!
And your lawn is great - and you don't have to mow it!! :)

the Bag Lady said...

And thanks so much for the shout-out!!! (I was in such a hurry to finish my comment in order to show the Rancher your view, I almost forgot!)

solarity said...

I bet they don't have a problem protecting those pansies from rabbits. (Those are the very pansies I have in a pot--so I can put them up too high for the rabbits to reach.)

I love wisteria. One of these years I'll try to grow some. Just not near the house.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

POD said...

I love wisteria and love your PENTHOUSE view. It's interesting to see how other people see life out their windows.

Don't be cheating and posting pictures everyday and not letting us read your writing. BL cheats with all her pictures of cows. haha Though her pictures are getting pretty fancy.

Miz said...

love the view...how had I missed where you lived?!

Im now officially jealous.

Melissa said...

Yes, MizFit, we adore our view. It's been a visual treat that's helped keep us sane all these years. Except of course for when there were exploding buildings and things... You should see it at night!

And Mary Anne I realized I left a " out of my link to your site! I fixed it, so now it's a real link.

RC said...

beautiful -- i love the colors of spring!!!

Sbanfnyc said...

These are the best flowers I ever arranged cause I bought them that way. I love the view too. It all keeps me sane.