Saturday, November 7, 2009

In Which Baby Jack Tries to Eat Grandmother

Greetings to all you remaining readers...those who haven't given up on me yet. I just had a spiral down thing there for a while.

Depression isn't something you ever get over, no matter how exciting and wonderful your life gets. In fact, I think sometimes excitement and wonderfulness can be so stressful it can bring on an episode. Especially if you have a doctor who refuses to give refills, so you're continually running out of your medication at the end of the month and have to pig along without until the office finally calls in a new prescription and you actually have time to go get it refilled. I'm changing doctors.

So anyway, I am BACK. So much better.

I'll try to catch up on all my news, all that's fit to print anyway, at some later date. Meanwhile, here's a sample of the wonderfulness I've been trying valiantly to cope with:


solarity said...

Who is behind the camera? It looked like you had an awful job distracting him from it!

I am not (yet?) subject to depression but I just realized that between December and August I moved into a new house, had a parent die, and started a new job. I have pegged the stress meter this year; an indication of which is that I started to spell "depression" as "desperation."

Good for you for getting a new doctor. (My father's doctor died only six months before he did. The new doctor's office were just impossible about refilling Rx. The pharmacy finally figured out that they wanted refill requests faxed to them. It would certainly have helped if they had told us that!)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Melissa said...

Oh Mary Anne, that was his Auntie AC. She babysits him a lot more than I do.

I should explain that he has JUST started laughing and we were trying to capture him in a big guffaw, but no--he just chuckles and coos...which is okay!!

solarity said...

Chuckles and coos are very very good!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Crabby McSlacker said...

Aww, what a sweetie.

And that sounds so frustrating about the prescriptions! You should not have to be missing out on meds because of your doctor. Hope you can find one who's more on top of it!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Sbanfnyc said...

Glad you are back. I didn't notice you were missing cause you are such a great support to me most of the time.

The Dr is a jerk, which is why I switched. And I think a little ins fraud on the side. I'll help you find a new one.

Great vid. Glad I was there to see the live version. Let's babysit together again soon.

Love U!

POD said...

I have not given up. I think I lost the url.
I had no idea you were bummed. What are your meds? I'm going to my psychiatrist tomorrow. I'll ask for some for you.

Melissa said...

Hey POD, I'm on Welbutrin which I love. BTW I didn't realize all the years I was on Prozac and Lexapro and all that that they make you FAT. Once I changed to Welbutrin I started dropping weight.

POD said...

I have been in Wellbutrin too but not lost much weight. Sometimes I don't know why I take anything. I am so positive and so upbeat and happy all of the time. Nothing, I mean, NOTHING affects me.
Nada, zip, zilch. I'm numb.