Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Revisiting Goals 80 and 81

Acquire five new good habits and get rid of one bad habit.

The bad habit I got rid of was leaving my shoes all over the house. And this really stuck!!! I hardly EVER leave my shoes anywhere any more. Of course now they're all thrown into the closet cluttering up the floor, because I'm too lazy to put them in the shoe thingy, but still. I call that an improvement.

The good habits I've been trying to acquire...hm, I just hope I can even remember what some of them are. (Must I reread all my posts? Oog...)

1. I do know the first one was trying to get my makeup on before I leave the house, and though I've done well mostly, I have lately slacked off majorly. I credit the spiral-down with this development. I keep sleeping until the last possible minute, if not beyond.

2. And one I addressed in the last post, processing the mail every day.

3. Oh geez, flossing. I really need to do better with this one.

4. Getting over myself already. I've been trying to do better with this, but my reputation as a Wincer, at least, is still alive and well, according to my colleagues. And I don't think I did so well in one of my recent concerts; I got so worked up I started gagging when I started to sing. Not the solo stuff, thank God, just the ensemble stuff. And I hate those concerts where I have to go back and forth between solo voice and ensemble voice...it's really hard.

What's number five....? Maybe I didn't start one. I'm sure something will occur to me.

One thing that strikes me revisiting these goals--you really have to keep reminding yourself what your goals are.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Revisiting, Remotivating, Retailing...

Whoa, it's not a good idea to take so much time off from blogging. Not that I was really "taking" time off, time was sort of taking me. But whatever. It's been so hard to get back into the groove.

(In fairness, I should note that most of the time I used to spend blogging I now spend looking at pictures and videos of Baby Jack. Or actually looking at Baby Jack.)

But here I am again. Since it's coming up on the end of another year, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit some of the goals I've accomplished and the ones I'm working on...and to see if I can't knock off a bunch of them. (The Nutcracker ought to be an easy one this time of year.) [Update: bought tickets for 12/8!]

Here's the first goal I posted about:

Goal 31-Get all the papers filed.

Well, hm. I did make some excellent progress back in June when I had to throw a big party (Goal 86). Then I kind of slacked off. It's not nearly as bad as it was before, though.

At one point I decided I would try to develop the habit of dealing with the mail as soon as it came through the door. This actually worked for a while!!! We were doing great! Then came my little spiral-down and I got to where I would come in the door and just stare glumly at it. I need to get that habit up and running again, because it was working really, really well. I would take care of the days mail, and after that I would make a stab at one of the stacks of accumulated clutter as well. It took fifteen minutes at the most! I figured the stacks would have to get smaller and smaller every day, and eventually I'd be down to just doing the day's mail.


Two big huge goals got whacked owing to my receiving a ****load of money in my personal injury lawsuit: to wit, Goals 16 and 17, pay off credit card debt and save an additional month's expenses. Lucky me. (By the way, I do not recommend breaking your right hand and suing somebody as a financial strategy.)

[Update: I did not actually get the settlement from the city but from the property owner. NYC is a little stingy that way.]

So anyway, now I'm going to go shopping. I'm going to throw out all my clothes except for this really neat sweater I bought at the Gap a while ago and a couple of other things. I mean it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

In Which Baby Jack Tries to Eat Grandmother

Greetings to all you remaining readers...those who haven't given up on me yet. I just had a spiral down thing there for a while.

Depression isn't something you ever get over, no matter how exciting and wonderful your life gets. In fact, I think sometimes excitement and wonderfulness can be so stressful it can bring on an episode. Especially if you have a doctor who refuses to give refills, so you're continually running out of your medication at the end of the month and have to pig along without until the office finally calls in a new prescription and you actually have time to go get it refilled. I'm changing doctors.

So anyway, I am BACK. So much better.

I'll try to catch up on all my news, all that's fit to print anyway, at some later date. Meanwhile, here's a sample of the wonderfulness I've been trying valiantly to cope with: