Friday, January 16, 2009

Breakfast Date!

Another thing I kind of forgot about was "Goal 85 - Have a date with Scott once a month." Well I did have one lined up for December, but the show got cancelled. And December was awful.

So this time, we went to one of the local diners on a breakfast date! I decided I'd have pancakes, and remembered too late that this is never such a good idea as it seems before you order and are ravenous and nostalgic for the gluttony of your youthful breakfasts. About a third of the way through the stack I was regretting 1) no whole grain flour in them at all which made me feel like I was eating a stack of warm wet cardboard and 2) no real maple syrup, which once you have become accustomed to you can never go back to Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima's.

Scott took a picture of me watching the snow outside the window, which was coming down like in a snow globe. The snow isn't so nice right now, the temp being down in the teens, and what's left of the snow being hard as a rock. And they say there's more to come this weekend. I just hope it gets to be more of a reasonable temperature. (Especially if any more planes decide to land in the Hudson River--that must have been really uncomfortable.)


POD said...

Great photo of you. I know what you mean about those pancakes. I sort of decided that I cannot eat bread-type foods for breakfast anymore. I mean other than Ezekiel bread (not really bread). Those bready pancakey, doughy lumps of goodness always set me up in a bad way.

I wouldn't mind some snow. We are having a freakishly warm January without rain so far. Temps in the mid-70s. Don't hate me. I'm not happy about them.

MizFit said...

is yer fitbit tracker here yet?

you have so intrigued me!


Sbanfnyc said...

I didn't mind the forgetfulness. I got to eat the rest.

Where is the fitbit thing? I remember you telling me about it.

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