Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goals 76 and 80 - Virtuosity!!

I knocked off Goal 76 yesterday! I returned some music and books I had borrowed years ago. Several months ago I thought to put them in the foyer where they would be a constant reminder that they didn't belong in my house--and there they've been sitting waiting for inspiration to strike me about how to transport them. The last couple of days I carried them around in my backpack, which was a pain, and then yesterday the iron was hot, so I struck it. I was fifteen blocks from their destination, so I called the owner and hiked uptown and delivered them! He didn't even remember they were gone.

AND, I have decided on a new virtuous habit (Goal 80 - Develop 5 virtuous habits):

Bust that Clutter!

Most of the clutter in my house is paper. Specifically, mail that has arrived and not been dealt with.

So I hereby resolve to absolutely deal with the mail as it comes in every single day. That is: 1) throw away junk 2) open all the envelopes 3) put whatever it is away, i.e. file anything that needs filing, or put whatever it is where it's supposed to be, like in the ScottieDog pile. Yesterday I did two days worth. And of course there are huge piles of backed up mail sitting around (see illustration above--NOT MY ACTUAL PILE, because I don't drink sodas, but you get the idea) that I will have to try to deal with in pieces...I guess I can tackle some of that along with my daily mail duties, and then eventually it will all have gone away! That's the plan, anyway. Wish me luck!


POD said...

I would move out of the house and leave no forwarding address. Is that an option for you?

Though I like the idea of developing virtuous habits (is that like flossing?) Or does a virtuous habit have to be more like getting out of the car during an auto accident and assisting everyone involved? Or can one's idea of virtue be subjective?

Melissa said...

Well, I do count getting my makeup on before I leave the house a virtuous habit... So I guess it's pretty subjective.

POD said...

"having or showing high moral standards"

Definitely subjective !

Sbanfnyc said...

That's not my apartment. The pic is from a Jack Lemmon movie I think or just some industrial pic Melissa downloaded.

Anyway, we do have a bit of a mess in the house, just not that big.

Melissa Sr., you are the best!

I still think we could have the whole clutter thing beat if we could just manage the mail/ I will try to step up and help more.


Crabby McSlacker said...

I wish I could hire you to do the same thing at my house! I'm a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to mail, bills, and filing.