Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bag Lady Wins!!!

Hey!!! Bag Lady won the Baby Jack I caption contest with this entry: "NO, don't look at me - I haven't brushed my teeth yet.... oh, wait, I don't have teeth yet..." (You have to look at the last post for this to make any sense.)

Oddly enough, the runner-up (on Facebook) had kind of the same theme going..."ScottieDog, you have bad breath.". I can't believe how many people responded with only a comment and no caption at all. Not to take anything away from Bag Lady's awesome comment...

So while I think up some post, any post, that is not Baby Jack related, here's another Baby Jack CAPTION CONTEST (If you double click or right click on the picture, it will enlarge in a most satisfactory manner--I think...):

Bag Lady wins a drawing on any subject of her choosing. Seriously. :-) (Drawing will be posted on this site and will count toward my Goal #2 Draw 10 pictures 6 down, 4 to go!)


the Bag Lady said...

I WON??!!! Cool!!

Oooo.... you'll draw anything I want? Hmmmm.... can I email you something? We'll keep it a secret then until you post the completed drawing.

Thanks, Melissa - this just made my day! :)

solarity said...

"I can sing better than Grandma!"

(This is inadequate for the cuteness but the best I can do in a state of exhaustion.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

The Fifth Sparrow said...


Melissa said...

LOL both of y'all.

Yes BL--I'll look forward to your email! I'm all psyched!

Anonymous said...

AC Here,

"Grandma!!!! Keep it down im tryin' to be cute here!"

I am not submitting to win anything.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh shoot, I'd love a drawing but can't think of a dang thing.

Perhaps I'll stop back later after more caffeine!

Sbanfnyc said...

I thank you for not picking a caption that denigrated my soul.

Still, I think "GET A HAIR CUT WOMAN"!

Miz said...

YAY for the baglady and such such an amazing gift youre giving her.

You know I love your work.