Monday, July 20, 2009


What a weird sight I just saw when I was out getting my lunch. As some of you know, I work in Lower Manhattan, right next to the WTC site. Across Cortlandt Street from my building, there's a small pizza bar where, if you want to eat on the premises, you have to stand up at a counter, if there's room. Patronizing this establishment was a large group of nice young ladies (teens) in spiffy yellow tee shirts and shorts, evidently pausing for refreshment while visiting ground zero. There were way too many to fit into the pizza bar, so about twenty of them were SITTING DOWN ON THE SIDEWALK NEXT TO THE CURB with their pizza. And I mean they had SHORTS on.

I VERY NEARLY stopped and screamed at them, "WTF do you think you're doing??? Only crazy homeless people sit down on the sidewalk!!! Get your behinds up from there!" But I didn't. I was too tired, or stunned or something. (Does that make me a bad person?)

One has to wonder where their chaperones were. I mean God only knows what was on that sidewalk...besides the filthy chewing gum residue, no doubt several kinds of bodily fluids. Ugh. I thought about taking a picture to post, but then I thought, No, the world is ugly enough. So here is a nice picture of Baby Jack instead:

He is seventeen days old here. And getting so BIG. I have to say, being a new grandmother is really interfering with the bloggery. Sorry about that. So here is another picture (with ScottieDog), to make up for my sparse posting lately. Feel free to suggest captions! I may be moved to bestow a reward on the best one...


POD said...

Adorable and cute and fuzzy and warm. Thanks for the news and the photos.

solarity said...

Teenagers know They Cannot Die. Your screaming would have been wasted.

Baby Jack is starting to unfold, isn't he? The second one looks like he's saying "OMG! What's trying to eat his face?"
This is not a good time for me to get a puppy. Stop doing this to me. (Goes back for a second look.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Flores Hayes said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag

Melissa said...

What the **** do pandas have to do with this?

Sbanfnyc said...

I think the NYC sidewalks are fine. Especially downtown. You think it is mysterious crap but I have worked down there too. I remember seeing the deli's putting out their trash on the street and think that is where all the stains and smells come from. I don't think it is snot or anything human just leaking drainage from the trash. I have heard the rats love it down there.

Some kids think rats are cute. Therefore it makes perfect sense to me that kids would want to sit where rats hang out.

Give the kids a break. They just want to commune with those cute little rodents and take something back home from NYC as a souvenir.

I also think the quote should be "what a fantastic Grand Scotty!'

By the way Flores Hayes. Who the hell are you and why are you posting luggage crap on my wife's blog?

Sbanfnyc said...

BTW. I sent the spammer a nasty email I can't repeat here.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Love the baby pictures!

And I wondered if the word "cuteness" triggered Panda spam? The internet is a very very weird place....

the Bag Lady said...

"NO, don't look at me - I haven't brushed my teeth yet.... oh, wait, I don't have teeth yet..."

Lame, eh?

Cute picture, though!