Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bummer, No Summer

Goal 63 - Swim in the pool every summer

I am having a real hard time getting to the pool this summer. It's been cold and rainy. When I was off at Bard, the weather got real hot, like in the nineties, but then like I say I was off at Bard. And ever since I got back, the mercury dipped quite a bit.

Today it was supposed to be 82, but hey, it isn't. I just went out on the balcony and it's windy and coolish-to-warmish. It almost has to be in the upper eighties before I can go swimming. I hate getting cold and wet like a cat. The dumb 10-day forecast (which changes radically from day to day) says it might heat up to 84 later next week, and MAYBE I'll get myself down there before they close up the pool after Labor Day.

The point of this goal is that we spend so much money on rent (Google rents in the NY metro area sometime, for a two-bedroom high-rise apartment with doorman and parking and pool), and we don't take advantage of all the facilities. I forgot to mention the gym. At least I do get down there once in a while.

I DID, however, use the pool because I had the lovely AC take my step-granddaughter down there when she was visiting. So maybe I can make that count toward the goal! I even think they went down there twice!


solarity said...

I wore long pants and a sweat shirt today. In August. In central Kentucky. Swim? Not likely.

Mary Anne in Kentucky, nostalgic for the Louisville YWCA pool in the seventies: heated to something well above 98.6F, clouds of steam billowed out at you when you left the locker room, and getting into the water was bliss instead of torture.

AC said...

We went once :-) but it was a great time.

It was hot yesterday!

Sbanfnyc said...

I'll go down with you this w/end to make sure you meet your goal. Even if you look like the cat. I'll bring you an extra towel to stay warm.

Melissa said...

Oh, we HAVE to get pictures of THAT.

Melissa said...

Solarity, I wish we could get more solarity up here.

POD said...

I bought a house in the forest and thought I'd stare at the forest all day long once we moved in. But I don't stare at the forest or the view much more than a few minutes daily.

It's like people who buy overlooking the ocean. We don't have to look out at the ocean (or the forest). We take them for granted that we can look at anytime.

I'll bet you use the doorman.

POD said...

BTW, I lost 3 years. It's like I put my life on hold and just picked it back up on Aug 26th of this year.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I can totally relate to the not wanting to get cold and wet thing.

I know swimming is great exercise and easy on the joints, blah blah blah, but I've never been a big fan.

So I think if the weather is lousy, you totally have a good excuse for skipping the swim.

the Bag Lady said...

I can't swim. I'm scared of water. I don't like to get into a pool.
On the other hand, I love my bathtub that I can practically swim in. Maybe if I learn to swim in the tub, I'll get in a pool someday.
Or not.