Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Remember back when I was trying to get filing done, so I took big stacks of it to work? I decided to take all my tortuous hand therapy equipment to work with me and get some done there. I call that thinking outside the box! And hey!--my hand is really starting to improve!

The apparatus in the picture is my hated neuromuscular stimulator. You hook those electrodes up over the correct tendon and put on the splint, and when it gets going it gives you some low-level but nasty sustained shocks and makes you bend your finger. Actually both the little finger and the fourth finger bend, because they share a tendon. And you have to work really hard to try to bend it a little further. It makes my neck and shoulders really tired because I forget to relax everything else. But I can really tell the improvement!

Next time I'll post a picture of my putty! That'll be interesting, because it's green.

Anyway, my December of Discipline is moving right along. I've discovered that weekends and leisure time in general are the enemies of discipline. I get a lot more done when I've got a lot to do, if that makes any sense. Over the weekend I made a B- and a D+ (ack), but yesterday I got back on track with a good solid A! And I'm still 143.8 lbs.


POD said...

I'm on such a slow satellite connection from home I can't see the torture device and will wait to view from work - hopefully tomorrow. Take care of that creative hand! I can't wait to see the green putty. ha!
Good on that weight too.

the Bag Lady said...

You just had to stick that weight in there at the end, didn't you?! :)
(Good for you, even if I'm a wee bit jealous....!)
And glad to hear you are seeing an improvement in your hand.

POD said...

I finally see the torture device now that I have returned to work. Looks like great fun. Also, send that Merry Christmas email.

I'm glad your mother in law is back in the arms of the family who won't kidnap her. That was a nightmare just to read about.

You're overdue for a blog post!

Sbanfnyc said...

Well I guess Ihave to start pulling my weight here. I will try to buy more WW type food. Looks like World War II food in type. Want some fried Spam?