Friday, December 12, 2008

A Great Way to Spend December

I have been SO good this week, except for one day when I went way over my wine limit. As my yoga DVD says, tell yourself one healthful thing to keep in mind for the day. I keep telling myself "Enjoy the discipline!" And I think I am, actually.

My weight today was 143.6, down two pounds from last week. Of course WW goes "tsk,tsk" because they think that's too much to lose in a week. Screw them. I'm eating all my points per day, most days, and going over into my flex points. I used 22 flex points last week. And it is, after all, December, so the shrinking is bound to ease up a little.

I'm feeling pretty good about my food. THE KEY IS to keep that afternoon snack going. Got to have my piece of fruit. If I don't, when I get home I tend to fall upon whatever is most handy and devour it. The cats are starting to keep out of sight when I come in the door.

One other thing: I'm eating no "diet" food. I use regular salad dressing, and regular butter. And of course olive oil, all in moderate quantities.

I've been getting fairly good grades except for that one day (see above) when I got a D+. The hardest thing is to make sure I do enough hand therapy per day. Yesterday I went to the actual hand therapist so I got a good workout. And my hand is so much better! I saw the doctor this morning and she was very impressed!

Exercising is going great! If I don't get to the treadmill or a long walk, I can always fall back on my yoga DVD, which I'm starting to love! I ordered another one this week, and also an aerobic DVD from The Firm. We'll see how that works out.

I'm telling you, this is a great way to spend December. Much better than feeling all apprehensive about how much weight I'm going to put on over the holidays, and looking forward to a January of restraint. I recommend getting a jump on your New Year's fitness resolutions.

P.S. I'm also really excited about a couple of Christmas presents I'm making. More about that later, because I don't want the recipients reading about it in my blog.


POD said...

Considering you weigh as much as my left arm, I'm VERY proud of you. I'm buying that DVD. Hopefully I can lay it on my forehead and get something out of it without working too hard.

Yes, please do not post on your blog ANYTHING you're making for me for the holidays. I really want to be pleasantly surprised.


P/F said...

I like the idea of a head-start on health/fitness goals in Dec. That way, we'll be that far ahead in Jan! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Emily said...

Congrats Melissa- that is awesome. Do you mind me asking, how many points per day do you get? I can't remember anything passed the 20 I was on for soooooooo long. You much be doing great to eat real food AND still enjoy your wine. Bravo! I remember eating FF salad dressing and romaine lettuce when I was STARVED and had no points left (but I still had my alcohol LOL) Again, way to go! Keep rockin' the program girl : )

POD said...

When they ask how many points you get a day, that means they want to know how much you weigh. Luckily, you already crossed that bridge.

Melissa said...

Okay, okay, I get 18 points a day. And 36 flex points!

Sbanfnyc said...

I guess I should stop buying chips and dip.

fillegrenouille said...

I've been treating December as a vamping-up month for January. I've been practicing the things I want to explore in the coming year.

I'm so proud of you!! I've been proud of you all year. I'm excited that you're taking so much initiative with yourself.