Monday, December 22, 2008

Angels and Unicorns!!!

Goal 7 - Visit the Cloisters

I had the best of reasons for fulfilling my Cloisters goal: my daughter was in a highly acclaimed performance of the The Play of Daniel there this weekend. She was an angel! This is a picture of her that appeared in The New York Times today! This is a picture taken by a production member after I realized that I had dumbly put up a copyrighted picture. At least I realized it without being hauled off to jail first. You can see the really spectacular picture in the review link, below. (There was also another little one in the Times last Friday.) She had a small solo part toward the end where she foretells the birth of Jesus, but she was also in a lot of other singing and carrying on. The angel part was so great. She was pretty much front and center for the rest of the performance. (And in case you're wondering, those vaguely Oscar the Grouch figures are lions. They were the surprise hit of the show.) The review was a rave!

I also got the chance to walk around a little bit, though I had to get to a concert of my own later in the afternoon. I managed to snap a few pictures:

I knew the unicorn tapestries were there, so I made a beeline for that room. It's so dim in there because light is bad for the tapestries--but I snapped a blurry Treo picture just for proof.

I have to go back though, because I meant to go for a longer time and with ScottieDog. It is so beautiful! I'll bet in the spring it's like heaven, and we could walk around in the park. Agenda for a whole day, I expect.


POD said...

That is amazing and great news. A rave review which I have not read but will read. And I have not been to the Cloisters but I know and have heard it's lovely. My friend Jennifer went years ago and couldn't tell me enough. Great you got to go and great for your daughter.

fillegrenouille said...

Man, that is the coolest picture of Lizzie. Her child is going to treasure that picture: he'll say, "I was there!"

Sbanfnyc said...

Elizabeth has always been an angelic presence.

I look forward to going to the Cloisters with you soon.

Scottie Dog