Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Someone Understands!!!!

Get a load of this article:

So you think you can get along without your pinkie

Well, at least someone ELSE who understands. I've had at least a couple of sympathetic commenters/commiserators. (commiseraters? That doesn't look right.)

Though I have to say, the lady of the article really had it easy. I, unfortunately, had a comminuted fracture and TWO surgeries, and the metal in my finger is driving me crazy. The doctor said it may eventually be a good idea to take it out, though I'm not reacting to it as badly as I was before. It's just so uncomfortable. I can't stand anything touching my hand there. Which makes drawing quite a bit uncomfortable. So I have to wear a bandage all the time unless I want to risk accidentally brushing up against something.


MizFit said...

I saw that and immediately thought of you.

struck me as such a random topic as well.. but I guess it isnt.

so sorry you are STILL uncomfortable....

Melissa said...

Thanks Miz!

I'm just whining. It's so much better now than it has been!

When I opened the paper this a.m. and saw that headline I nearly fell out of bed.

POD said...

I never thought about getting along with my pinkie. I guess I always took my pinkie for granted along with every single other body part I have use of which excludes part of my brain, my eyesight, my left knee, my UTERUS, fallopian tubes etc, my once-firm chin, my smaller butt, my sense of smell and my numb toes.
Sorry you have to wear a bandage. I wear them too. My mantra is "it could be worse."
Does that help? If not, change it to "this too shall pass."

Mark said...

I hope you had a fantastic day! YOU deserve it!

Sbanfnyc said...

I feel your pain. I'm sorry for rolling over and irritating you.

Melissa said...

POD, I am humbled before you. You are so right about "it could be worse."

Crabby McSlacker said...

I whine about much less annoying things, like blisters and sore muscles. Hope it feels better and better over time!

POD said...

No, I didn't want you to really change it to "it could be worse." I wanted you to say to yourself, "at least I can walk." My mom used to say that to me. I hated it. She created this monster. I have no compassion anymore. But I do feel your pain somewhat in that I we all suffer. One person's cancer is another person's hangnail. What can ya do!?!

I talked to a woman the other day who said if we show sympathy, that makes the sick person stay where they are because they get that kind of attention there -- they don't move forward. Ohm Shanti, Shanti Ohm

Figures that I'm in nutty California. huh?