Thursday, November 20, 2008

Goal 26 - Clean out coat closet

Woo hoo, I totally did it! And I didn't even mean to. Of course I forgot to take a "before" picture, but here is the after picture:

I mean I'm so excited, you can totally see the floor!! (Even if it does have these weird stains on it that have been there ever since we moved in and I have no idea what they are.)

So, the story is, I got this great new iMac for my 60th birthday, and it's AWESOME. I still love my sunflower mac, but still. This is really awesome!!!

I got up today determined to get my new iMac in gear, so as to make room in my office area, so I plunged into (I think) Goal 31 -- Get papers filed, which has really languished of late, and I made really great headway, until I realized I was going to have to clean out the coat closet in order to store the boxes of papers I was creating. So that's how I ended up fulfilling Goal 26. It was an accident.

However, in the process, I discovered that we had 13 winter scarves, 10 baseball caps, and four complete pairs of gloves. I was getting ready to go buy a new pair for the winter. I threw away at least eight odd gloves and one baseball cap and several scarves that were beyond the pale.

I SO made such great headway in the papers. I unloaded all my mother-in-law's stuff AND "filed" it, meaning I put it in her file cabinet in no particular order. (This is from the boxes that they've been in ever since the move from Florida, so I mean "in the order they were in in the boxes".) AND I purged all the stuff that didn't have any relevance whatsoever, like advertisements and brochures and clipped articles she will never use now.

So our little home office looks a lot more sane now, and ScottieDog put up my new iMac when he got home. We transferred everything from the old iMac and it is working great!

I am posting pictures of all the trash and stuff that I generated, just for evidence. It's still not all done yet...whew! But hey! We can now move around in our little office area! I am SO proud of myself. It's really going to get done!

This is stuff that has to be trashed but also has to be shredded.

This stuff is just trash. The rest I "filed."

And this is me watching the transfer of the old iMac data to the new iMac!! THRILLER!!!


MizFit said...

um, wow? I really need to declutter. alot. but more than that Im somehow paralyzed with regards to transferring my data from desktop to laptop and GETTING rid of desktop.

I admire you. now hold me.

Emily said...

Congrats on making head way in the cleaning/ organizing. I know we moved last year and there are tons of boxes I keep 'finding.' It's like I forgot I stacked them in the basement and going through them I discover all sorts of treasures.

I like your new computer, that is way exciting!

Nitmos said...

Happy (belated) b-day.

And can you come clean my closet?

Anonymous said...

A happy accident!
I'm looking forward to doing some major desk reorganizing as a by-product of moving. Can't wait to see what happens.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Melissa said...

Hey Miz! You just need a firewire. It takes a good hour to transfer your data though.

And Emily, it's amazing what you find when you decide to organize. I found a bottle of gin yesterday! Tanqueray, too!

And Nitmos, no I will not. I have a bunch more closets to go here, and by the time I finish with those I will be too old and decrepit.

And Mary Anne, I hope you find something exciting too!

POD said...

You got those trash pictures from some stock photo company. I'm not buying it.

Gin in the closet?

fillegrenouille said...

Did you find the novel outline you've been promising me??! If you find it, I'll seriously consider putting off writing it.

I'm so proud of you, hot mama!

Melissa said...

I'll find it, I'll find it. It's on the old G3, and if only I could find an old monitor and an old printer (with the serial port connectors) I could print it out.

Or maybe we can somehow firewire the old G3 to the new iMac...