Monday, November 17, 2008

Now We Are Six-ty

Birthday greetings to all of you from me! Because it's my birthday. Well, it was yesterday, but the celebration is going to continue for a while.

You'll be glad to know that turning 60 actually feels pretty good! My sister went there before me a couple of years ago, and that's what she said at the time. I was somewhat dubious. She was right, though.

We had a nice family dinner out last night which was fun and delicious! I got an iPod Nano, which means now I can REALLY put together an exercise mix and not have to carry my clunky Treo downstairs to the treadmill. I also got a copy of the new NYTimes HUGE coffee table book of all the front pages from 1851 to 2008! It's fascinating--and oddly enough I had just been salivating over it in the NYTimes advertisement that morning. AND later this week a new iMac will be arriving.

We're hoping to have a big home turkey dinner soon for everyone here in New York, because we're going to Kentucky for the actual Thanksgiving holiday. Yay, I get to see my mom and dad! And Sylvia! Sylvia's trip to NASA for the shuttle launch was one of my best 60th birthday presents! She has some souvenirs for me, too.

(I have more pictures from last night but for some reason I can't upload them from this computer. Later.)


MizFit said...


fillegrenouille said...

Love you, Mommie! I wish I could have been there so bad. But I'll be there for Christmas this year hopefully. I'll talk to you soon!

Emily said...

Happy, happy, birthday! Enjoy the IPod (I still have a cheap MP3 player but one day I'll up grade!)

solarity said...

Happy birthday to the iMac from the iBook, the two Powerbooks, and the MacBook (once they fall into my hands they never get to leave!) I'm glad to hear from the future that sixty is good--fifty-five is pretty nice here.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

POD said...

Sounds like you had many, many happy returns of the day. Congratulations on your new age.
I have a cheap MP3 player too and I can't download files other than MP3, no MP4 etc. I hate it.