Friday, November 14, 2008

Shuttle Launch!!

My sweet "middle" daughter Sylvia is watching/reporting on the launch of the Endeavor tonight! She wangled her way into the press corps and is having the time of her life! You can read all about it at her blog: Fun with Hypergols!

I am one excited mom!


POD said...

That is very exciting news. I read her blog too.
How thrilling this will be/is!

Sbanfnyc said...

Sylvia is an inspiration to us all. Live your dreams!

MizFit said...

happppy birthday!!

Melissa said...

Thanks Mizfit (and all you others)!!! I am not doing anything very special, just whatever I feel like doing. All available children are coming over, plus mother-in-law (who doesn't really remember being kidnapped), AND my oldest daughter is PREGNANT, and lots of exciting things are going on. I'm enjoying being a senior citizen so far!

And Sylvia got me a mission badge for my birthday! Hope everybody reads her blog.

Dr. J said...

I was able to see it from my home in central Florida, and it was too cool!! The night launches are amazing!