Sunday, August 24, 2008

2 Down, 99 To Go!

Goal 23 - Clean out underneath kitchen sink

Before and After

Well, this took all of about twenty minutes!!! Max. Including taking the "After" picture. I was amazed. I know it doesn't look that much different, but I did throw out a bunch of stuff. Not as much as the bathroom vanity, but I guess I don't collect as many cleaning supplies as I do extraneous cosmetics.

For some reason we had a lot of insecticide that we have never needed, so I pitched it. I also found a roll of white curly gift wrap ribbon. ?? And a lot of crud. It's now clean, organized, and I can see what's there. We had about five scrubby sponges still wrapped in cellophane (well excuse me, they don't make cellophane any more) plastic wrap--and we keep buying new ones!


MizFit said...

we supposed to CLEAN & MAINTAIN :)

you hath seriously inspired me...

Andy @ said...

Congrats on NUMBER 2!! And thanks for the great idea, by the way.