Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Goal 45 - Weigh ≤130


I must be doing something right! Today I weighed 142.2, down from 146 last week. I've been very good about my exercise goal, so no doubt that helps, but I can't believe I paid no attention to food whatsoever--I remember having a Snickers at work on Friday, because I was severely disappointed with my lunch, and on Saturday having some of the greasiest Quiche Lorraine I've ever eaten.

Usually when I first start exercising my weight goes up--I think maybe because of muscle soreness or something, or maybe even a little muscle building. It must be the intervals!


MizFit said...

Im a firm believer in the fat burning power o'the interval.
no matter what caused it please to commence WOO HOOing!


Lanceman said...

Intervals are a great workout - keep them up! And great job on taking steps in the direction of your goal - awesome!

POD said...

I'm proud of you. YOU GO!
I have knocked off another 5.9 since joining (again) WW post chemo and it's working it's magic.
We need to be proud of that though I outweigh you by a ton!
Keep up the excellent work.

Melissa said...

Okay, Mizfit: WOO HOO! WOO HOO!

Emily said...

congratulations! I think I've found the weight you're loseing- ugh! and I've been so good on the C25K plan for 4 weeks!? Anywho, I think that's great that the interval training is working for you. Maybe I should try adding in some additional workouts; in my spare time, you know?!? LOL