Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin???

I have to say I can think of,000 women I'd rather see as vice president. (Not to mention the men.) WTF???? (Not that I would consider voting Red in the first place.)

BTW, does anybody think it's weird (especially given the heating up of the old Cold War adversaries) that the Republican Party is Red??? (Apologies to any Reps that read my blog!)


just bob said...

It was an odd choice at best. It was an irresponsible choice at worst believing she is equipped to be a heartbeat away from a potential president. I believe (although I'm not a republican) there are more capable women in their party.

Hopefully it will be a moot point as this country gets the change it needs from Obama/Biden.

POD said...

I'm not!

POD said...,0,7915118.story