Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Goal Management

So I finally got two goals in the green.

It occurred to me to wonder how I'm going to keep track of my progress. Let's see: 101 into 1001 is....um....(lower math always makes me nervous)...9.91. That means I have to accomplish a goal every nine or ten days, on average. (Is that right?)

Anyway, I was finding the spreadsheet I used to set up my goals very unwieldy when trying to sort out categories and progress, so I ended up constructing another database for it instead. I love building databases! Now I can pull up reports and stuff.

I've been at this 29 days, and I have 2 goals finished, with one due to mature in two days and another in five days. That's...um....:-P....four goals in 33 days. Let's see, four into 33, carry the two, add the square root of 33, that's one every eight days. So not bad!!!!

I need to add an automatic calculation to my database. Strange how I can do expressions and operators and calculations in Access just fine, but I have a real hard time just doing long division with pencil and paper. I tell myself it's just because I don't practice.

And I really need to replace that stupid piece of clip art with something of my own, don't I?

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