Friday, August 29, 2008

From ScottieDog!!!

Here is my beloved husband, who has something to say:

Hi All,

Melissa has always encouraged me to sing. Since she has taken up the gauntlet of 101 in 1001, I have been stupefied by her dedication and determination. ( I have to live with her for God's sake.) She talks incessantly about where she is on her goals and what is the next task. I have never been so impressed nor inspired. I have found her more energetic, happy and I sure love going on a date with her (goal # 85). I wonder if there is a dream I have left to live.

My father died shortly after I got divorced in the early 90's and my mother and I healed some together. I told my Mom to write down 10 dreams she wanted to live (she took up painting, as one, in a big way and is very good). Shortly thereafter I realized I should do the same. I wanted to sing a solo of any kind of music anywhere anyone would listen. (I was told in high school I couldn't sing--very important point here). I did my solo 8 years later at St. Michael's church in Lexington, KY. and was asked afterward where I had studied music (I never studied music, I'm a Social Worker).

I have sung rarely since I moved here 9 years ago after Melissa and I got married. I still get reasonable reviews when I do. Melissa has now encouraged me to start singing again and I am willing to make the commitment. Under her tutelage I pledge to take her as my voice teacher, practice and audition for any NYC chorus that will hear me.

My dream is now to sing in a major venue in NYC in any capacity. Part of my fear is I may end up in an emergency room with a nice psychiatrist who tells me I might need to be hospitalized "for just a few days" in order to assess my delusional condition.

If Melissa is willing to live her dreams I am willing to try too.



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POD said...

I always wanted to sing too. My mother has/had a lovely voice and when we were small children, we were too embarrassed to hear her sing so we goofed off about it and she finally shut up and I miss her singing.
Go sing!