Friday, August 29, 2008

Goal 52 - Walk home from the Library every work day for a week Get off at the Library bus stop instead of at home (habit)

My new bus stop - Main Street, across from the Library

This turned out to be such an unchallenging goal that I changed it! I was so tired and weak back when I was making my list, it seemed like a lot, I guess. Now that I'm exercising regularly, well, pfft.

The Library stop is like a block and a half away, and there's a zone change between that stop and the one in front of my building, so it costs 75 cents just to turn the corner onto my street. I started getting off at the Library last week, and so much enjoyed stretching my legs on the way home, even though I was really tired and it's uphill. Also it was really hot in the bus, and it's been quite cool outside here lately.

I decided to make it my default m.o. instead! Why not save 75 cents a trip? Especially since they keep raising the fares. (I should also make it a habit every week to count up the days and put that amount in savings.)

I would only break the rule for really bad weather, sickness, or late night. Or being in a mad rush to get home.

Speaking of being cool here lately--hey, it's August!!! Where's the heat??? I'm trying my best to get down to the pool (Goal 63 Swim in the pool every summer), but I can't swim in this weather; I can't stand being cold and wet. Fortunately the forecast is for it to warm up this weekend. Should be 87 on Sunday. That's going to have to be the day, because they close the pool after Labor Day. (My luck it will get suffocatingly hot then.)

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